Life comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Sometimes your basket is filled with your hearts desire ... sometimes it is not.

The true gift of Life is mysterious and magical. When your earthly wishes don't come true and disappointment and sadness enter your heart, it is time to learn about the Spirit of Life.

The real gift Life has to offer is not made of earthly materials. It is made of Spirit. It is the Spirit that makes the earth move and come alive ... like flowers blooming or like you getting bigger and growing up. You are made of earth, this is your body and you are made of Spirit, the Life that makes your body move and feel and think.

To understand this, pretend that a glove is your body and your hand is your Spirit. When your hand enters the glove it can make the glove come alive and move and do all sorts of fun and clever things. When your hand leaves the glove, it is as if the glove is asleep or dead, but the hand, your Spirit, is still full of Life even though it is no longer in the glove.

This example of the glove and the hand is a key that opens the door to Life’s magic and mystery. Life is really learning about your Spirit self, a part of you that lives even when your body (the glove) dies.

Spirit is linked to the unknown, to adventure and to surprise. Being a Spirit in a body is kinda like hunting for Easter eggs! You know there are eggs (hidden treasures or gifts) to find on earth, but you must search to find them. Some you see right away. Some are right under your nose and you don't even see them. Some are hidden in such a way that you must really work hard to seek them out and some gifts are even invisible to your physical eyes. These are made of love and felt in your heart.

When your Spirit is in the body (hand in the glove), you have lots of wishes. At first the wishes are for things made of the earth like food, toys, cars, houses etc. Then you have wishes for things felt in the heart like love and family and home. As you get older, you make wishes that give you life and hope and help you grow into a strong, loving being that can make the world a better place in which to live.

Both the Spirit out of the body and the Spirit in the body have wishes and they are not always the same wishes! This causes sadness and disappointment and is a natural part of life and everyone experiences this.

Over time Spirit and body learn to work together to make the really important wishes come true.

If you haven't received something you wished for, it may be that your Spirit is trying to help you receive a gift that is more hidden ... one you must really look for ... one you don't see or find right away. It may even be one of those invisible gifts that is found inside of you and not outside in the world! Magic occurs when you understand this and ask your Spirit to help you seek and find the hidden gift.

The real gifts of Life are the unexpected ones, the surprises. These are the ones that make you feel brand new and better than before, the ones that make you stronger, smarter and more loving. Remember, sadness and disappointment are a natural part of life. They give you a chance to find the hidden treasure of your Spirit. Just ask your Spirit self for help. Life is like an Easter egg hunt. May yours be filled with surprises and the adventure of the unknown.


   Happy Trails!,
    Love, Bunny


Look Within

Look within, and you will find the answer
Look within, and you will find the way
Search your heart, and feel your heart's a dancer
Joy awakes, to greet a perfect day.

Best wishes
- Anita Wisniewska
© 2003



Bunny Hollow