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Bunny Hollow


Each Animal Ally,
when called upon and held in the heart of a human,
will help that human develop unique qualities which
will aid in the building of a better world.

Which Allies will you call upon?



I know how to bridge worlds and travel between them.
Those at the Hollow, the faeries, and Alice in Wonderland
have all benefited from this gift of mine.
I can be your guide as you enter new realms.
I can also teach you how to bring forth new life
that is sensitive, creative and magical.
I know about fear and can help
you face it and transform it.



I am the master weaver.
I know how your past weavings
affect the present and future.
I can help you stay away from entangling situations.
I can share infinite possibilities for creating anew.



I have an ancient and deep connection
with our Great Mother Earth.
I can make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground
and that you observe your situation with motherly compassion.
I can awaken the physical and spiritual senses within you.
I will help you slow your pace, go with the flow
and not "push the river."



I have a powerful connection to the Great Spirit.
I can teach you how to live in the realm of the Divine
and remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.
With my help you can become the mediator and the
bearer of new creative force within the world.
I can help you gather courage and soar with the wings of
your soul supported by the breath of the Great Spirit.



My persistent love and gentleness can cause
a meltdown of even the hardest heart.
The power of my innocence and caring transforms the
demons, clears the path and makes it safe for all
to reach the sacred mountain.



I have a highly developed sense of danger
and can help you scrutinize a situation.
I know how to organize details so that they
may be carefully explored.
I can help you delve deeper for answers.
By working on little things, I can show you
how to attain big things.



I will teach you how to balance power,
intention, physical strength and grace.
I can teach you leadership from a
place of truth and compassion.



I am not afraid of the night,
the dark nor the unseen.
They are my friends.
I have the ability to shed light upon your blind side.
I can see what others cannot.
When others are deceived, I know.
My keen insights will make you wise.



I have mastered the art of transformation.
I can help teach you that growth and
change do not have to be traumatic.
I can help you transform yourself
gently, sweetly and joyfully.



I know the Dream Lodge, the space of inner knowing.
I can help you enter the cave of silence.
It is here that you can tap your intuitive powers
and receive the truth, so that you may be reborn.



I am fearless and peaceful.
I can help you see that there is no need to bully,
aggravate, torment, or overpower other beings,
when your sense of self is intact.
Together we can examine what energy you are putting
out that creates your present situation.
With my guidance you will develop self esteem
and bring forth a new respect from others.


I can help you shed the old skin you have outgrown.
With me you will learn to cross over from life to
death and then back to life again.
This will enable you to see the world
from an entirely new perspective.
I am the Fire of Life within you.
As you grow and develop I rise up, opening
you to new dimensions and levels of awareness.
I am the power of fire and the energy of transmutation.



I will teach you to honor your tears
for they cleanse the Soul.
I can help you remove negativity and
nourish your parched spirit, mind and body.
With my song I will call upon the Thunder Beings
to cleanse and heal the Earth with water.
With my "ribet" I will harmonize your heart beat
with Father Sky and bring forth within you
a new state of serenity and replenishment.


This Bunny Hollow Council has formed
a global network of Animal Allies.
They form zones of spiritual awakening
and peace cells around the world.


  Happy Trails!,
  Love, Bunny


To learn about the unique gifts of
other Animal Allies around the world
check out these resources:

Medicine Cards
©1988, Jamie Sams and David Carson
Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke
Bear and Company, Santa Fe NM
(Bunny thanks for the artwork on this page!)
Animal-Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small
©1993, Ted Andrews
Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN


Bunny Hollow