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Hello ... Did You Know?
From the Bunnies at Bunny Hollow


Rabbits usually live in Warrens ~

Tunnels (burrows) underground ~ with several
entries and exits for safety and quick escapes.

Within each Warren there's ...
A place for waste
A place for babies
A place for sleeping


Mother Rabbit grows her fur thicker when she is growing babies
and pulls the fur to make a cozy safe place to birth and nurse them.


Newborn Rabbits can fit into a human hand.

Babies have no smell or odor —
This helps hide and protect them



Jack Rabbit young are born furred
and with their eyes open; they can
move around just a few hours after birth.

Jack Rabbit
(Lepus Californicus)

Originally Jackrabbits were called Jackass Rabbits because of their large ears. Their large eyes are placed back on the head so they can see in front, behind and overhead at the same time. With their long legs, Jackrabbits can leap up to 20 feet and reach speeds of 30–35 mph! They are true Hares and do not dig burrows.


Bunny’s nose knows
every scent, every breeze.


Bunny Nose Gallery!



Bunny’s hind legs thump to warn of danger.



Bunny’s tail is called a Scut.

It flashes messages of danger, excitement
and even directions to other Rabbits.

And, Bunny scuts are kinda cute ...



Bunny’s ears—no matter what shape—
hear all, sense all and cool Bunny when it’s hot!



Ever see a
Bunny's tongue?
It's special
and rare!

Bunnies Stick Out
Their Tongues



Bunnies shed their fur frequently,
and regrow it soft and clean.

Rabbits in nature can even change color with
the seasons to make them harder to see.


Rabbits are Lagomorphs ...

Lag·o·morph (la'geh-môrf') n.

Any of various plant-eating mammals having fully furred feet and two pairs of upper incisors and belonging to the order Lagomorpha, which includes the Rabbits, Hares, and Pikas.


For characteristics, and more, see Wikipedia.

... not Rodents, as was previously thought.



Be smart!

Bunnies can bite and kick, so never pick up a bunny you don’t know.


How Not to Hold a Rabbit
+ Bunny Talk


If forest Rabbits allow you to see them ~
say Thank-You and do not intrude.



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Bunnies can be challenging to keep as pets
(yet oh so worth it, if the needed commitment is met).

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Bunny Hollow ~ Hallow ~ Holey
Hop-Hop ~ Bunny ~ Bye-Bye!

fop, hop ... pop, drop
mop, plop ... clop, sop
top, flop ... lop, crop
bee-bop ... stop!


Sleepy Bunny zzzzzzzzbzzzzbzzzz



Bunny Hollow