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The Legend of Bunny Hollow

Long, long ago this beautiful land of ours was covered from coast to coast in ancient forests of tall majestic trees. Nature wove its wonderous spell, season by season marking its time in the ways of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. The devas of the forest watched closely over this progress, giving their love and attention to the grand scheme of birth, death and renewal. These cycles went on and on for millenia, undisturbed by man.

But there came a time when the spirits of the land could sense the approach of a great change. Wise as these beings were, they knew that this time would bring with it much turmoil. Drawing upon eons of knowledge forged in the creation of our planet, they appointed a myriad of protectors to watch over all life. These devas, fairies, elves and sprites were endowed with special magic powers. Depending on the circumstances, they could inspire delight or quicken the heart with awe. Such is the tale of Bunny of Bunny Hollow.

Under the loving auspices of northern California's Mt. Tam, high on the Yolanda trail above Deer Park, where deer are plenty and even ostrich have been seen in the distance, there is a narrow meandering path framed by tall oak, madrone, bay and buckeye trees. The land is a golden yellow in summer and vibrant green in winter, but no matter what the season, there is a little glen along the trail that is always shaded and cool. It is here that Bunny lives.

No one knows for sure how long Bunny has resided in the little hollow. Some old-timers claim to have seen the little brown rabbit for as long as they could recall. Others, not being actual witnesses, say they nevertheless have always felt a mysterious presence in this part of the forest. Almost as if someone was watching them, from a respectful distance, of course.

Whether Bunny is seen or not, the Bay tree that holds the hollow is always there, welcoming each new traveler to sit under its boughs. The earth juts out to form an ample bank upon which to sit and rest. It is only after a moment's breath that the eye can then take in what is right at hand, for sunk deep into the tree itself is a natural cleft or hollow.

Deep and dark it is, and the only way to see all the way inside is to arrive at the exact moment when the sun is setting through the forest and shines right into the hollow.

Never will we forget the first time our little band of hikers chanced upon the tree and glanced inside. There, sitting quietly and serenely, all in bright fuzzy splendor, was Bunny. And scattered around were all sorts of treasures and trinkets, flowers, feathers, toys, bones, the occasional jewel and the odd coin.

But most surprising was a little book inscribed by Bunny. It had been filled with the most wonderful sayings, encouraging us to enjoy and respect the tree, the trail and indeed life itself.

On closer inspection we saw that other travelers along the trail had been so inspired as to write their feelings and ideas in the book. From adult to child, whimsical to deeply profound, all were touched by Bunny's love of nature and the simple joy of sharing.

Each time we go there, the tree is always full of something delightful, some magic in the hollow. We know Bunny is there, doing the work of the forest spirits.

*  *  *

Where is Bunny Hollow?

"20 minutes to the tree," says David ...
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Additions and updates to the Bunny Hollow legend will be made as visitors to the special place report them ... any you want to share are welcome, just email them to bunny@bunnyhollow.org


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