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Valentine Visitors
Bring Bear Hugs for Bunny

And Much More!


Beanie Bear celebrity Valentina visits the Hollow ...

... for a Valentine Re-Treat & vacation from all the hubbub of life.

Bunny and Valentina have many heart opening stories
to share during their special visit.
Creativity and love abound when these two get together!

Flowers, candy and hearts galore
Sweet words of Love for the Bunny you adore
With this bear comes love that's true
On Valentine's Day and all year through!


Panda Bear and Bee Mine Bear join in the festivities ...

Rare Panda Bear came a long way to show his love for Bunny!
Bunny's been working conservation magic for the Panda habitat.

The Panda's gratitude and joy for this magic is shared with a
heart to heart bear hug for Bunny in the Hollow today.

Bee Mine also buzzed by with a hug for Bunny, sweet as honey.
Bunny's been teaching Bee Mine that activities are more
productive and sweeter, if we take time to enjoy them.
Bee Mine is grateful for this understanding!


Twin terriers bring Bunny a "best-friend" heart
that's noble, true and loyal

... a heart that serves and protects.

The elephant-headed god Ganesha
rides this heart, clearing away all obstacles of any kind.
Ganesha is a special guardian of the Hollow and its wisdom, and Bunny.
All three protectors gift Bunny Hollow with grace!


With all these venerable Valentine visitors
the Hollow is just bubbling over with love!

Open to the Love that's here your Valentine visit is also dear!


We ALL love Valentine's Day!

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back to Bunny Hollow's Valentine honoring



Bunny Hollow