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Bunny Hollow



One good friend deserves another ...




















Q: Whose babies are these?
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Cat's Dog and Rabbit

I want to tell you about my dog and rabbit they are best friends ... they groom eachother, they play together, and once I let Shadow (my rabbit) out of his cage and I found him and Shelly (my dog) eating out of the same food bowl! (Shelly's a girl shetland sheepdog) Also I think Shadow is learning from Shelly too because when Shelly does something bad we say "CAGE!" and she goes to her dog cage and Shadow was outside of his cage and I said Shadow go to your cage and he did!




A true story of best friendship ...

Click on old tortoise or young hippo




Click winking eye for Fawn & Friend



Opposites Attract!

Fum & Gebra ~ A Special Couple
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Goose & Man ~ Special Bond



More True Friends!

Another Odd Couple

Fun slideshow of Tortoise + Hippo

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Bambi + Thumper

Chimp + Tiger


Bunny Hollow