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Eye Games


How many horses in this picture?
The Answer is 7.




Which (middle) circle looks bigger?
They are the SAME SIZE!!




Birds or Face?




How many deer do you see here?




Focus on the dot ... move your head forward and backward ... voila!




Me or you?




How many legs does this elephant have?




Ever seen rocks pray?





Stare at the black dot ...

Watch the gray haze disappear!





Say the color, not the word ...

Can you do it?





Parallel or sloped?





Can you find all 11 human faces in this picture?




How many black dots?





Which is it?






Say what? What say?






Duck ... or Rabbit?

Hint: Duck is looking left, Rabbit is looking right.




And, for those who dare ...

Enter the reptile room

See snakes at your own risk!
Sensitive eyes, not advised



What you see
May not always be
What it seems!
Illusions, take care!
Ill-You-Shuns, beware!

   Happy Trails!,
    Love, Bunny



Bunny Hollow