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Looking for the Easter Bunny?

Bunny of Bunny Hollow wants you to know ...

"I am not the Easter Bunny!"


I have to tell you that I am not the Easter Bunny. I am myself, Bunny of Bunny Hollow.


Please don't think I'm the Easter Bunny and write to me about Easter. Every year I get tons of mail that should have gone to him. If you write to me because you think I am the Easter Bunny, then EB won't get your letters.


And as much as I love getting letters, I don't want to read Easter Bunny's mail.

EB and I are both magical in our own special ways. Magic bunnies can hear what is in your heart, especially if you share your wishes and dreams with your family and those you love. In fact, it is through the love in your heart that Easter Bunny knows what you want for Easter. Remember, magic always happens when you feel love and share it with others!


You can talk directly to EB ... just imagine Easter Bunny in your heart and share a little about who you are ... like what you are learning as you grow up … what's easy, what's hard … then say your wishes! When you are through saying what's in your heart, remember to give EB lotsa love with a BIG HUG. Easter Bunny loves to get big hugs!



So, if you want to hang out here at the Hollow with me, I can share some pretty cool things with you ~ like pictures, stories and more. And if you want some really good ideas for what to do if you are disappointed by what's in your basket, I've got them here, look just below.


Happy trails,
of Bunny Hollow


ps - Here's Easter Bunny's latest email address:


Speaks to

Click on Bunny's nose (knows!)
as Spirit
Comes to Life

The very best things in life are
the ones we feel in our heart!


Bunny Ears
The Spirit of Bunny lives in us all
Flash Movie Fun with Audio


The Easter Bunny
Borne of ancient universal roots


Easter B!
Wishing all a Hip Hoppy Easter
Flash Movie Fun with Audio


Bunny Wisdom
All we need to know about life,
We learned from the Easter Bunny

Tons of Mail
Please don't write the Easter Bunny at Bunny Hollow
He doesn't receive any mail here!



Did ya know??

Click this bunny to find out
what the bunnies have to say!!




Bunny Hollow is always
alive with surprises ~
Click the Springtime Hollow
for Easter goodies ...


Legend of Bunny Hollow
The beauty of the trail leading
to Bunny Hollow is well known,
and its magic continues to
fascinate those who stop and
look inside this special tree.



Bunny's Got Mail!
Easter in January?
Please don't think I'm the Easter Bunny!
To read Bunny's email & replies ...
click on Bunny's computer.

Inside Bunny's Realm

Bunny Hollow Legend
How it all began

Come Play
Tee hee!

Bunny Facts
About bunnies ... Did you know?

Bunny's Footprints
Find Bunny's footprints in the night sky

Let's Be Friends
Odd couples of nature

Strangers Become Friends
A true story of best friendship

Halloween in Bunny's Hallow
Tricks 'n treats from spooks 'n goblins

Bunny's Thanksgiving Tale
Bunny gives thanks with a great feast

Giving Thanks for Treasures
Gifts along the path

Winter Solstice Cherokee Story
Welcoming the Great Sun

Bunny's Magical Winter Forest
The holy days at Bunny Hollow

St. Chickolas
'Twas the night before Chickmas ...

Angel of the Presence
Bunny welcomes the Angel

Valentines Day
The Heart Opens

The Easter Bunny
Borne of ancient universal roots

Bunny speaks as Spirit comes to Life

Council of Animal Allies
Call upon them for world peace

Bunny's Magical Mushroom Tour
Shrooms are blooms!

Spring Springs
Gifts of spring abound

Yaay Yippee
It's vacation time!

Bunny's Favorite Flower Fotos
Bunny's vacation photo album

Summer Surprises
Bunny Hollow overflows

Animal Play
Romping, frolicking critters

Sleepy Bunny
Bunny's beeline to sleep

Fall Fun
Trick or treat!

Bunny's Book Archive
Notes left by Bunny Tree visitors

Bunny's Guessing Game
Can you guess what this is?

Bunny's email archive

Bunny Hollow
Bunny's home base



Spring Equinox
Summer Solstice
Earthly Delights
Every Day Is Earth Day
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