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Camouflage Fawn

A family in Oregon found this fawn on their steps. They thought the mother
deer may have been hurt and then hidden her fawn there, where the color
of the wood lightly dusted with apple blossoms served as camouflage


Fawn Finds Friend

Did you know ...
that a doe hides her babies and leaves them while she looks for food?
Often she only checks in on them in the evening.
The babies have no odor and as they stay very still, this keeps them safe.
If you find a fawn, unless you know it’s hurt, it is best to leave it alone.


Hogan, this Rhodesian Ridgeback dog,
is helping look after this orphaned fawn.

The family named the fawn Bella. At first Bella is being bottle fed. Once she's regained her strength, they plan to send her to some friends who had raised two orphan deer and released them to the wild.

Hogan basically took over.
The fawn even shares his bed.

Domesticated dogs and cats have been known to raise and care for orphaned young of other species. This kind of friendship is not uncommon.


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Bunny thanks Great Dog Gift and
Second Chance Wildlife Center
for these photos and stories.



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