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Hare Scare


It is amazing how animals trust in us. I experienced this once when I heard a hunt and hounds and I was sitting by a river, here in southern England.

I then was aware of an exhausted hare running in my direction on the other side. I realised the hounds were not far behind and I sent out a quiet, "here ... come to me. I'll hide you". The hare stopped running and looked over at me.

It clambered down the bank and leapt into the water; I was really afraid it might drown as it was so exhausted, anyway, it got to my side and crawled up and by me. It looked terrified and I gently lifted it into my rucksac just as the hounds arrived and all started jumping in the water and over to me ~ they had seen me hide the hare!

Eventually I was surrounded by yapping hounds trying to get at the hare. A minute later the hunt arrived on horseback and I asked them to call off their hounds! They asked if I had seen the hare and I said I hadn't and they apologised for their hounds behaviour!! Ha ha!! When they were well out of sight I let the hare come out of the rucksac and it stayed with me for about 30 minutes, licking its fur and resting.

After awhile it came over and looked at me so deeply I almost melted ~ I felt its gratitude and acknowledgement ~ a meeting of minds if you will and at the level of love. It ran off to live another day!


By Dean Powell, from A Hare Story


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