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Hikers DeLight!!

Memories of a Mt. Tam pilgrimage to Bunny Hollow
on an early spring California day, in February ...


Hot sun, muddy trails, cool shade,
Lots of clear brooks and falls down the hillsides. Water giggles.
Many hikers with their dogs, all smiles.
Except one teeny, tiny dog. She doesn't want to pass us on
her own without its owner.
Susan Sun, David, Jeffrey, Xania
Kate, Susy and the spirits of Linda and Perri Rose too.

20 minutes to the tree, says David!

Return of the green season to the forest!
Bay tree fragrance, small yellow blossoms.
Red Madrone tree bark, cold and smooth to the touch.

Everywhere schroooomms, some beige, red, white
pale lavender
little villages of them! on a decaying trunk
turkey tail fungus.

Wild flowers budding, a few blossoms,
perriwinkle blue, and white milk maidens.

Buckeye trees, umbrella buds bursting.

If you look at the lightning-shaped trees,
and blink really fast, then it really looks like lightning.

20 minutes to the tree, says David....hummmmm....

Turkey vulture, wide wing span, circling.
Blue, white butterflies dancing, circling.

The view from Yolanda Trail looking back
from where we hiked, an ostridge afar, and one white horse
wearing a purple saddle, on the green hillside.

20 minutes to the tree. Again.
Oh, that David is a teaser.

And, now to the Hollow! Bunny spirit has welcomed
our approach.

We clean up the almost-empty hollow, taking out old artifacts.
Hearth clean up with branches by Susan.

Dark chocolate and mandarin orange slices
make for a perfect snack, infused with Bunny spirit.
It's spring in the forest!

Thanks given by all.
Dusk happens, and we must part from the Hollow.

Goodnight to the mountains and friends,
Bunny and the stars for dessert! ;D


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